Monday, January 17, 2011

LED Psychedelic Lights

LED Psychedelic Lights,PIC LED psychedelic lightc System
This project aim is to reproduce the old style psychedelic lights system that was very popular in the 70s. Being in the "digital era", the technical solutions adopted are quite different from what was characterizing their predecessor system. Old style lamps have been replaced by three high power LEDs; all filters, previously implemented with analog components, have been realized with digital processing techniques; input stages have been replaced by one A/D converter and one digitally controlled variable amplifier, that is able to warranty the best signal amplitude for the system.

The project requirements are related to technologies adopted: high power LEDs need to be driven with a constant current; digital filters need a fast DSP engine, to be implemented, and an A/D converter is required to transform an audio signal in a numerical representation. Control data communications between central processing unit and external analog components require to have an SPI on board and, last but not least, the capability to link the system with a PC could be very useful for firmware debugging and for tuning some parameters in real time without needing expensive developing tools. The project is designed by Marco Signorini.